With the growing activity of ransomware (The new malware that makes a data hijacking), some of our customers asked us for a competent solution which will surpass the current backup system, because this new type of virus is every once more developed, in recent cases, spreading and infecting copies, such as OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox …
It is also a way to defend against thefts, fires, drastic increases in electricity, accidental erasure or any source, internal or external that may damage your company’s data.
If you are concerned about the security of your data as much as we are, our proposal is: ImaCloud.

¿Qué es ImaCloud?

ImaCloud is an online storage service offered by Imagina Informática. It allows you to store, manage and backup all the information of your company, guaranteeing the protection of critical, confidential or sensitive data, with the most complete security measures. At Imagina Informática we offer cloud storage services with the maximum guarantees of security, reliability and integrity of information.

Our system offers the ability to make a copy of the files on our servers with the difference that every 15 days (days 1 and 15 of each month) and are maintained for up to 6 months, the clouds of our customers are compressed, they are encrypted and stored with a time stamp, only recoverable by the user, never by the administrator or another person.


Our service can be used from the web, through a username and password, in our App, which you can use from both Android and IOS or with an installable PC user.


The management of ImaCloud is not public, such as OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox. The data can never be consulted except by the owner himself.

ImaCloud offers 2 types of licenses, one business, which covers up to 10 computers, and another for personal use.

Storage is unlimited, licenses have no capacity limit.

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