Do you know how important it is to set prices well in an establishment to the public?
Do you know that if you have your prices marked correctly and visible, your sales increase?
How do you indicate the prices of your store? Do you use handwritten labels?
And when do you have to change them?
If you are looking for a fast, cheap and simple system, we present: ImaTag.

What is ImaTag?

ImaTag is a label printing software that interacts with our database and available printers.



We work with the heaviest programs nationwide.

We study each case to offer customized solutions.


Automatic control of label printing

Our software controls the different label printers in addition to keeping track of the ones we already have printed.



Our software works with the applications that are most used in the commercial environment, we start with the pharmaceutical sector as NixFarma, Farmatic or Farmanager, but we are open to new sectors. At the same time with different solutions for label printing, all in one application.

Integrated management systems

If your system is not in the previous list, contact us so we can help you and your system can be integrated.




Taxom printers are small and light printers, prepared to make impressions of small size ideal for labels.

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